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Oxygen concentration approx. 40%,  Compact High concentration oxygen generator.


1.World’s smallest, lightest (A4 paper size) 

A4 size and light weight 2.6 kg is easy to carry.


2.Can be used anywhere. (Tripolar power supply).

AC, battery, in-vehicle three-pole power supply allows you to use the device not only in the room but also anywhere you go, even in the car.


3.World’s first, cartridge detachable function.(Patented). 

Easily replace the cartridge make the high-purity oxygen inhalation possible for a long time.


4.Eligible product for NEDO grant 

NEDO: National Research and Development Agency, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization.

Oyx’z was developed by utilizing the results of NEDO “Promotion project for practical use of welfare equipment.”



• Overseas/domestic adapter cable(AC100-240V) 

• Can place both vertical and horizontal

• Quiet design (Approx. 40dB)

• Negative ion


6.Innovative design by Chiaki Murata.

A designer who also designed Microsoft Xbox.



  • お届け日数:5~8日

Oxy’z optional parts.


Replacement oxygen concentration cartridge (Vacuum packaging).


*Cartridge have a limited life and required to be replaced regularly. As a guideline for replacement, the accumulated operating time should be 400 hours or one year after the first operation. *1

*1) When the beep sound is heard by pressing the power button for 2 seconds or longer after mounting the cartridge in the main unit.



  • 在庫あり
  • お届け日数:1~3営業日


NASAL CANNULA ( with connector)


Attach to the nasal cavity and inhales high concentration oxygen. Can be connected to the standard accessory tube with a connector.


  • 在庫あり
  • お届け日数:1~3営業日


Micro Filter (1 capsule, 15 dust collecting filters included).


Remove PM2.5 and enjoy refreshing high concentration oxygen.


  • 在庫あり
  • お届け日数:1~3営業日


Neck set inhaler ( 2m tube included). 


Hands free type and easily attached around the neck. Length of the tube is 2m and can be handled without stress.


  • 在庫あり
  • お届け日数:1~3営業日


In-vehicle inverter


Compatible with DC12V vehicle.

USB socket.


  • 在庫あり
  • お届け日数:1~3営業日


Large-capacity battery set (1 battery & 1 charger)


Battery life: Approx. 2 hours ( Full recharge in 4-5 hours)


  • 在庫あり
  • お届け日数:1~3営業日


Battery (without charger)


  • 在庫あり
  • お届け日数:1~3営業日


Charger (without battery)


  • 在庫あり
  • お届け日数:1~3営業日


Carry bag for Oxy’z


Store Oxy’z main unite in a carry bag and connect it to a battery, you can inhale high concentration oxygen while walking and traveling with backpack style or over-the-shoulder style.


  • 在庫あり
  • お届け日数:1~3営業日


AC adaptor & Power cable


  • 在庫あり
  • お届け日数:1~3営業日


40% of Oxygen concentration! High concentration oxygen generator, O2 Paradise.

Developed for luxury hotel guest room bedside, this unit has a low noise and vibration design of 35dB or less. Lightweight and compact. Safe timer function. No installation required, it can operate anywhere with power supply. Enjoy high concentration oxygen without using cylinders.

*Please choose from two types of O2 paradise.


1. WITHOUT CARD:  Operate only by button (Home type)


2.  WITH CARD: Operate only by card. (Commercial use).

Insert the card into the slit above the front panel of the main unit and operate for the preset time. Please note that the power ON/OFF button and timer button cannot be used at all when using a card.



  • 在庫あり
  • お届け日数:1~3営業日

O2 paradise option parts.


For zeolite replacement oxygen concentration


Unit replacement

*Approx. 1000 hours for replacement

* Return after unit replacement.


  • 在庫あり


Neck set inhaler (2m tube included).

For O2 paradise (standard packaging).


  • 在庫あり
  • お届け日数:1~3営業日


VIGO card for O2 Paradise (Standard packaging).


  • 在庫あり
  • お届け日数:1~3営業日


[For O2 Paradise]  Neck set inhaler (Tube/ Dust collection capsule/ 15 filters)

[How to use]

1. Open the capsule between the tubes that connect the neck set inhaler and the high concentration oxygen generator main unit.

2. Replace the filter inside.




  • 在庫あり
  • お届け日数:1~3営業日


Oxygen Highland PSA3000

[Highly concentrated oxygen generator] with 90% Oxygen concentration.


A high-spec model developed for top athletes and hot bath facilities.

The maximum oxygen concentration is 90%. Also by switching to 60% of oxygen concentration, two people can use at the same time. Ready to use with a power supply. No complicated installation required. 

Easy to carry with a wheels. Enjoy high concentration oxygen without using cylinders.



Oxygen Highland PSA3000 Option Parts


Neck set inhaler (2m tube included).

For Oxygen Highland PSA3000(Standard packaging).


  • 在庫あり
  • お届け日数:1~3営業日


Primary filter (2 filters)

For Oxygen Highland PSA3000(Standard packaging).


  • 在庫あり
  • お届け日数:1~3営業日


Secondary filter ( 3 filters)


For Oxygen Highland PSA3000(Standard packaging).



  • 在庫あり
  • お届け日数:1~3営業日


Other highly concentrated oxygen products 


For “Concentration”, “Emergency & Evacuation”, “Tired body”

Handy Highly Concentrated oxygen anytime!!

*Star of life certified product.

*Minimum order unit of Oxygen-can is 1 dozen containing 12 bottles.


  • 2.21 kg
  • 在庫あり
  • お届け日数:1~3営業日

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