About blood flow check.

By inhaling Highly Concentrated Oxygen, the capillaries(fingertips of the hand) with improved blood flow are enlarged with a special scope and displayed on the PC screen to check your blood flow.

Blood flow is checked

by the special scope.


★Below are the places you can check blood flow.(As of May,2019)




No.2 SS building, 2F, 4-11-10 Hacchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 1040032


Blood flow check – Customer’s review


Recovery of physical strength is essential for athletes as we have a series of games every day.


Oxygen is really effective in recovering from fatigue, so I am glad I was able to feel it with his blood flow check.

32 years old female

I had a blood flow check and realized how important oxygen is for my body. I want to inhale Highly Concentrated Oxygen every day.

54 years old male

I was surprised that the blood in the capillaries began to flow at the moment I started to inhale the oxygen. Oxygen is so effective! 

Why not try experiencing the effects of high concentration oxygen ?

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