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VIGO MEDICAL is a Star of Life licensed company.

NEDO is a national research and development organization that plays a part in economic and industrial administration toward the realization of ‘strengthening industrial technology’.

All the living things including human-beings needs “Nutrition”, “Water” and “Oxygen(Air)” in order to live.

The most money and time we spend among these are nutrition(diet), then we buy water, and finally oxygen. But the fact our life needs the most is oxygen, water, then nutrition. Without oxygen, life would be lost in a few minutes.

“Oxygen” is the most important factor to sustain life.

However, most people are not able to take oxygen enough due to aging or stress. In fact there are many cases in which we are “deficient in oxygen” unconsciously.

We are researching and developing highly concentrated oxygen generator to uptake oxygen; the most important element in life effectively.

Take oxygen well in order to make a healthy body and prevent illness.

Let’s start living with highly concentrated oxygen! 



Here are some of the customers review who are using our highly concentrated oxygen generator and spending daily life lively. 

Sayaka from Tokyo,

I have been teaching body makeup lessons for about a year and half. I started to use Highly Concentrated Oxygen device around this summer and the quality of my sleep has really improved. I used to wake up often in the middle of my sleep so my sleep was also shallow, but now I can keep sleep for 7 hours. Also my nails are damaged from nail polish, but it became thick and strong than before. My hair was also damaged by bleaching and coloring, but now my hair condition is really well. Above all, I have increased the number of lessons from 4 times to 10 lessons a week, but I am not getting tired!   


VIGO’s Highly Concentrated Oxygen generator is based on the “AIR” that exists around us. The oxygen concentration in the air is about 21%, the nitrogen concentration is about 78%.(The remaining 1% is carbon dioxide, etc.)

We separate these two air and nitrogen by using the ore “zeolite” and generate a gas(highly concetnrated oxygen) with Highly Concentrated Oxygen.  

There is no risk of explosions as VIGO do not use a high pressure oxygen cylinder or inject gas. It operates with a  power saving  and the power from the household outlet would be enough to use the device.


Vigo products are easy to use and safe. 

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Want to check your blood flow ? 



I feel that living well will be more important than ever in the future in this aging, longevity society and this will be directly linked to the quality of life. I would like to encourage everyone to deepen the understanding of the relationship between oxygen and health, which are most important element to your body, and prevent illness. Our company is making the best efforts every day in research and development of high concentration oxygen in order to make everyone healthy and enjoy their long lasting life by taking “oxygen” effectively.


President,  Gaisei Suzuki


Company    VIGO MEDICAL Co.,Ltd.


Head Office   6F, Suga Bldg, 1-23-4 Yanagibashii, Taito-ku,

            Tokyo 111-0052

Representative   President Gaisei Suzuki

        Board director Nobuaki Suzuki

Capital        70,000,000JP Yen

Bank          Mizuho Bank, Kabutocho Branch

            Risona Bank, Nihonbashi Branch

Patent/UM     Click here for details.

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